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Daily Archives: March 1, 2017

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Moon-cake packaging machine

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Moon-cake packaging machine

HDL-250B Rotary pillow packaging machine

(1)Main performance and structure features
1. Double transducer control, flexible bag length cutting, operator needn’t to adjust the unloading working, saving time and saving films.
2. human-machine operation, convenient and quick parameter setting.
3.Self diagnosis failure function, clear failure display.
4. High sensitivity optical electric color mark tracking ,digital input cut position which makes the sealing and cutting more accurate.
5. Separate PID control to temperature, suitable for various packing materials.
6. Stopping the machine in selected position, no sticking to the knife and no waste packing film.
7. Simple driving system, reliable working, convenient maintenance.
8. .All the controls are achieved by software, convenient for function adjusting and upgrading.

Suitable for packing regular objects such as biscuit, bread, instant noodle, moon cakes, industrial parts, paper box or trays.

(3)Optional device
1. Code applying machine
2. line sealing wheel
3. Moire terminal sealing mould
4. Extra big screen


Model: HDL-250B

Film width:Max.250mm

Bag length:65~190mm

Bag width: 30~110mm

Product height: Max.40mm

Film roll diameter:Max.320mm

Packing speed:40~230 bag/minute

Power supply:220V,50/60HZ,2.4KVA



note :Optional Air filling device

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Automatic sleeve type shrink packaging machine

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Automatic sleeve type shrink packaging machine


1.the machines electronic control devices adopts well-known brand, improved machine running reliability.

2.unique double wide side sealing system to ensure the sealing quick and firm.

3.shrink tunnels dual-blower operation, airflow cross-roarion to reach the fumace temperature uniformity.

main technical data:

machine model SP-6040
working pressure 0.6mpa
width of packing film max.620mm
power of machine 380v/50hz 220v/60hz
max packing size 12kw
max packing size 400x300x380mm
capacity 5-10packages/min
overall dimensions 3825x1100x1950mm
total weight 450kg
main material carbon steel spray treatment

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Automatic Pouch Granule Rice Sugar Nuts Packaging Machine With Ce Certificate

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Automatic Pouch Granule Rice Sugar Nuts Packaging Machine With Ce Certificate


Quickly Detail

  1. High speed: Dual weighing hopper working turn by turn, Almost 2 times speed of single hopper.
  2. Good value cost configuration: Adopt good quality but not super expensive parts.
  3. Handle wheel to adjust height of conveyor platform and sewing machine.Perfectly for every specification bag.
  4. No need to change any molds between different packaging specification.


Be used for packing rice/sugar/beans/salt/granule material.


• Double hopper scale body


• Tape cutter type auto stiching


• Brake Function


• Controllable wire braid length
Technical date:

Model DCS-25K-3C
Weighing extent(kg) 5-50
Weighing Speed(bags/h) 400-900
Scale interval(g) 2
Accuracy grade X(0.2)
Power consumption 4N AC380V 50HZ 1.0KW
Air consumption 0.4~0.6 Mpa 1m3/h
Install height(mm) 2650