Premade Pouch Filling Sealing Machine

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Premade Pouch Filling Sealing Machine

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Premade Pouch Filling Sealing Machine



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Function and characteristics
1. Easy to operate,adopt advanced PLC from Germany Siemens, mate with touch screen and electric control system, the man-machine interface is friendly.
2. Frequency conversion adjusts the speed: this machine uses frequency conversion equipment, can be adjusted within the range according to the needs of reality in production
3. Automatic checking: no pouch or pouch open error, no fill, no seal. the bag can be used again, avoid wasting packing materials and raw materials.
4. Safty device: Machine stop at abnormal air pressure, heater disconnection alarm.
5. The width of the bags could be adjusted by electrical motor. Press the control-button could adjust the width of clips, easily operate, andsave time.
6. It matchs with the glass safty door. The machine will stop working when you open the door. So that it could protect the safty of operators. At the same time, it could prevent dust.
7. Use the plastic bearing, don’t need put on oil, less pollution.
8. Use no oil vacuum pump, avoid polluting the environment in the production.
9. The opening zipper framework is special in the feature of zipper bag,it can avoid distortion or destroy when opne the zipper
10. The packing materials loss low, what this machine is used the preformed bag, the bag pattern is perfect and has a high quality of the sealing part, this improved the product specification
11. Product or packing bag contact parts adopt stainless steel or other materials which accord with the food hygienic requirements, guarantee hygiene and security of the food
12. With different feeders changed to pack solid, liquid, thick liquid ,powder and so on
13. The packing bag suits in extensive range, suit for multi-layer compound, monolayer PE , PP and so on Preformed bag made by film and paper.


Main Features:

1. Wide range of pouches: all kinds of pre-made pouches such as flat and stand-up pouches (with/without zip).

2. Wash-down: direct water-washing the machine surface, so timely clean up the corrosive material, to enhance the hygienic and safety, to prolong the useful life.

3. Easy to operate: PLC and color panel, fault indication on the panel.

4. Easy to adjust: only about 10 minutes to change different pouches.

5. Frequency control: speed can be adjusted by frequency conversion within the range.

6. High Automation: unmanned in weighing and packing process, machine alarm automatically when failure.

7. Waterproof Design: the machine surface can be washed down, so easy cleaning, and longer useful life.

8. No pouch/incorrect pouch opening-no fill-no seal, machine alarm.

9. Machine alarm and stop when the inadequate air pressure.

10. Safety guards with safety-switches, machine alarm and stop when the safety guards are opened.

11. Hygienic construction, the product contact parts are adopted sus304 stainless steel.

12. Imported engineering plastic bearings, no need to oil, no contamination.

13. Oil-free vacuum pump, avoid the pollution of the production environmental.




Pouch Type tand-up Bag, Doy Pack, Gusset Bag, Resort Bag, Spout Bag, Paper bag, Zipper Bag
Working Station 8 Working-Station
Filling Range 5-1500g
Pouch Width 80-200mm(3.15”-7.87”)
Pouch Length 100-300mm(3.94”-11.8”)
Capacity Up to 50 Bags/Min(Depends on products’ natures and filling weight)
Dosing System Multi-head Scale, Auger Filler, Piston Filler, Volumetric Cup
Power Supply AC380V/50Hz, 3phase or Per customer specification
Power Consumption 2KW
Compressed Air 0.4 M3/min Supply By User
Machine Dimension 2200x1850x1500mm (7.2’ x 6’x 4.9’)
Machine Weight 1250Kg

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