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PW-450A Egg roll packing machine

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PW-450A Egg roll packing machine

One, scope of application

Suitable for biscuits, paper towels, betel nuts, egg roll, preserved fruit, daily necessities, hardware parts, cartons or pallets and other kinds of solid regular packing.

Second, the main performance and structure characteristics

1. Compact structure, stable performance, simple operation.

2. Double frequency conversion control, bag length is set is cut, don’t need to adjust empty, one pace reachs the designated position, time-saving province membrane.

3. The imported electrical appliances, touch human-machine interface, convenient parameter setting.

4. The fault self-diagnosis function, fault shows at a glance.

5. Look the Gao Gan KWH photoelectric tracking, more accurate in the position of sealing and cutting.

6. The temperature independent PID control, better suited to a variety of material coated.

7, Positioned stop function, non-stick knives, at no cost.

8. The rotation system is concise, more reliable, more convenient maintenance.

9. All control by the software implementation, convenient function adjustment and technology upgrade, never backward.

Three, technical parameters:

Made from the bag size (mm) Long 70~350mm
Wide 30~130mm
High 10~50mm
Longitudinal sealing and transverse sealing seal strength squared (n/mm) >15N/mm
Packing speed (bags/min) 30~160Bags/min
Packaging film (mm) 80~450mm
The power supply specifications 220V 50/60Hz 3KVA
The weight (kg) 800kg
Overall dimensions (length x width x height) 4400×830×1700mm

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PET Bottle Shrink Wrapping Machine / PE Film Shrink Packaging Machine

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PET Bottle Shrink Wrapping Machine / PE Film Shrink Packaging Machine


Product Description


Shrink packaging machine combines sealing with shrinking into one step. It suitable for all kinds of shrink films such as PVC, POF, PP etc. And the transparent cover makes the process of sealing & cutting and shrinking be visible. It is equipped with height adjustable stainless steel conveying mesh, among the three models, the shrink wrapping machine is used to convey the packed products out automatically so as to double packing capacity.


Also known as shrink machine, shrink packaging machines, shrink film packaging machine, sealing products for enterprises.Moisture and pollution may also prevent the product from external impact and damage, it is one of the market shrink-wrapped product more advanced packaging methods.

It uses the shrink wrap in the product or package outside, through heating bind tightly shrink film products or packaging, it shows the appearance of items, improve product sales, increased sense of beauty and value.


Widely used in food, medicine, hardware tools, daily necessities, electrical appliances, books, fruit and other items packaging industry.Automatic shrink packaging machine is a mechanical device and pneumatic components combined by the PLC and other peripheral circuits controlled automatic packaging equipment.


– Applying imported PLC procedure automatic control, stable performance, and accurate control.
– Enjoying full-automatic function of feeding, tube management, shrinkage, and cooling shape-fixing flow.
– Film transportation is adopted with sensor switch control, adjustable deliver film lentgh, and can reduce

-Elector motor is adopted with imported transducer to control, realizing unlimited speed regulating.
-Advanced spiral wind circulating structure, three-layer insulation treatment, and enrgy conservation.
-Reinforced cooling shage-fixing channel to ensure packaging products shape quickly and convenient

storage and transportation.


Technical data


Model WLD-4030 WLD-5540 WLD-5540A WLD-7060
Voltage (V/Hz) Single Phase 220/50
Power (kw) 3.8 4 4.2 4.8
Packing Speed(pcs/h) 500-800 800-1000 500-800
Max. Packing Size(L×W×H)(mm) 350×250×100 400×300×100 500×400×120
Max. Sealing & Cutting Size (L×H)(mm) 400×300 550×400 550×400 700×600
External Dimensions(L×W×H)(mm) 1215×590×1020 1380×690×1065 1985×690×1065 1720×950×1100
Net Weight (kg) 100 125 140 165


Appliacations & Packaging samples


This shrink wrapping machine is widely applied for outer shrink packing of various products, such as foodstuff, beverage, pharmacy, video disc, hardware, cosmetics, book, toy and electronic products etc.

To shrink wrapping the combined products in supermarket for sales promotion, such as foodstuff, beverage, cosmetics, presswork and toy etc. To use in place where there is restriction on space, such as supermarket, monopolization shop, office and some laboratory etc.

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Pyramid Tea Packaging Machine With Eight Electronic Scales , Automated Packaging Equipment

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Automatic Pyramid Tea Bag Packaging Machine with Eight Electronic Scales
It’ s widely used for triangle tea bag packing, the bag type is inner bag + outer bag + string + tag.
Be used for flat bag packaging, triangular three-dimensional packaging and other forms of packaging bags.
The machine can automatically complete the functions of feeding, metering, bag making, sealing, cutting, counting and finished conveying.
The use of sophisticated control system to adjust the whole action, compact, human-machine interface design, easy operation, easy to adjust, easy to maintain. The bag length is driven by servo motor, the bag length is stable, the positioning is accurate and the adjusting machine is convenient.
Use of imported ultrasonic sealing, electronic weighing measurement means, sealing solid, accurate cutting.
Automatic adjustment of packaging material tension.
Automatic fault alarm and automatic shutdown function.


Technical parameter:


Model HT – SJB08
Sealing Type Triangle Seal
Packing Weight 1-7g (Depends On Product)
Inner Bag Size W 60-80mm, L 40-80mm
Production Capacity 30-50 bags/min
Tag Size W 40-55mm, L 20-24mm
Power Supply AC220V, 50/60Hz
Power 2.2 KW
Overall Dimension L1600 × W800 × H2650mm
Net Weight 650kg