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automatic doy bag pouch packaging machine, doypack packaging machine

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BT-520D automatic forming filling sealing machine for doy bag with zipper applicator


This is an automatic doy bag making packaging machine, widely used in the food doypack solutions.

With zipper applicator, the machine can automatically make doy bag, apply the zipper into the bag, dosage product, fill product into the doy bag, close the zipper, seal and output.

Equipped with different dosage system, the doypack machine can be used for a wide range of food like protein powder, nuts, candy, pet foods, etc.

Main technical data:

Film width: 520mm max

Bag style: stand up pouch, doy bag with and without zipper, 4 side seal bag with or without zipper

Zipper applicator: optional device

Packing speed: 35-45bags/min

Packing material: laminated films

Package range: 10-1000gram/bag

Air source: 0.6Mpa

Power supply: 220/380V, 50-60Hz

Total power: 2.5Kw

Machine weight: 750KG

Machine size: 2500x1250x2150mm

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Packaging machine for nutrient additive/flavor enhancers/food packaging/wrapping machinery machine

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DS-320A Back Seal Particles Packaging Machine
Suitable for frangible goods and those goods needed auto metering such as particle stuff, granular, potato chips, steam bread chips, crispy rice, fruit jelly, boiled dumping, rice dumpling, etc.


Brand Dession Packaging Machinery
Model DS-320A
Measuring Form Cup Metering
Sealing Form Back sealing
Transverse Sealing Netted Line/Straight Line
Cutting Tooth Cut/Flat Cut
Measuring Range 50~100ml
Packaging Rate 30~80bags/min
Bag Width 50~150mm
Bag Length 40~200mm
Film Width 100~320mm
Film Roll Diameter 300mm
Bag Pulling Stepping Motor Bag Pulling
Power 220V,50HZ,1.2KVA
Machine Size (L)1100×(W)755×(H)1540
Machine Weight 350KG
Optional Device Code Applying Machine Air Charging System Drilling Equipment
Machine Wrapping Wooden Box

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Automatic Cake Bread Packaging Machine

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1.CE approved bread packaging machine
2.Servo bread packaging machine
3.Croissant packing machine

Automatic Bread packaging machine .Model FFE



Model FFE automatci bread packaging machine ,can be used for bread packaging,cake packaging,croissant packaging,bakery packaging and for other food packaging.


Special recommendation:

We combined technology of European,Japan,China of our Own,created such kind of packaging machine ,the sizes are more adjustable ,and easy to change size during the working.


Automatic bread packaging machine

1.CE approved bread packaging machinery.approaching European standard

2.With more than 20 years of experience manufacturing

3.TOKIWA Japan technology,guarantee the best quality of the packaging machine

Product Application:

This machine is suitable for automatic group packaging of items such as biscuit, pie, wafer, snack, medicine, soaps, tissues, chocolate, etc.