Laboratories Beer KEG Filling Machine , AISI 304 Keg Filler 60 Kegs / h

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Laboratories Beer KEG Filling Machine , AISI 304 Keg Filler 60 Kegs / h

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Laboratories Beer KEG Filling Machine , AISI 304 Keg Filler 60 Kegs / h


Quick Detail:


  1. With more simple and reasonable structure
  2. High filling precision
  3. Condition: New
  4. Certification: ISO9001 / CE
  5. Warranty: 12 months
  6. Frame plate thickness: 3mm
  7. Voltage: ~ 220V 50Hz ( Or to be customized ) , 2 phase
  8. Container volumes: 17 L to 58 L ( 1/2 bbl )
  9. Container diameter: 250 mm to 420 mm
  10. Container height: 270 mm to 570 mm
  11. Weight without container: 110 kg
  12. Material: Stainless Steel AISI 304 or AISI 316
  13. Filling type: Vertical stand isobaric filling
  14. Production capacity: up to 60 Kegs/h ( based on 30 – liter keg )
  15. Machine dimensions: ( L x W x H ) 980 mm x 655 mm x 1510 mm
  16. Filling table dimensions: ( L x W x H ) 980 mm x 475 mm x 210 mm
  17. Working type: Manual keg loading and fixing, automatic filling




Semi – automatic filling machine for low-capacity ranges.


This machine is designed to fill all kinds of beer keg containers ( including stainless steel, plastic beer barrels and keg ).


The kegs are loaded over manually and pressed onto the filling heads from above by pneumatic cylinders.


Filling type – Upright.


Production capacity – up to 60 kegs / h ( based on 30 – liter keg ).


High quality equipment, advanced technology.


Once the kegs being loaded, the filling program runs automatically, and the process is controlled and regulated by a Siemens PLC control unit with a plain text display.


Each step of the filling process is controlled by sensors.


We offer 12 months warranty.


Equipment has a long service life.


The keg is firstly checked by CO2 counter pressurization, only then the filling process can be start automatically if there is no leakage with the keg.


Nice appearance.


This machine consists of base frame, electrical control system, solenoid pilot actuated value, pneumatic component and so on.


Double filling stations are integrated on a base frame next to each other, and two kegs can be loaded and filled simultaneously at one batch.


Easy to operate.


Easy to maintain.


Filling process: Keg loading and fixing → start → pressurized with CO2 → filling → stop → unloading kegs.




Designed for use in breweries or filling plants with small keg treatment capability, for filling of keg including such processes as CO2 counter pressurizing and filling.

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