Vacuum Cryolipolysis Equipment For Waist , Thigh / Cellulite Removal Machine

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Vacuum Cryolipolysis Equipment For Waist , Thigh / Cellulite Removal Machine

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Detailed Product Description
Interface: 8.4” Output Power: 2000W
Vacuum: 650mmHg Pump Flow Rate: 60L/min
Freezing Temperature: -15 °C~5°C Fat Exploding Frequency: 35-40K
Cooling Device Output Pressure: 0-100Kpa Working Mode: Continous Vacuum And Cryo (cooling)
Spot Size: 165mm*65mm 150mm*45mm

  Professional Cryolipolysis Vacuum Equipment For Waist , Thigh / Cellulite Removal Machine


cryolipolysis machine manufacturer
Cryolipolysis Machine manufacturer (3 freeze handles,CE&OEM/ODM) cryolipolisis


 Professional Cryolipolysis Machine manufacturer ,fat freezing cryolipolysis machine


Detailed information on the freezing handles



Big handle: treat area(167mm*63mm) —for belly, back,  buttock etc.

Mid   handle: treat area(142mm*57mm) — for waist, thigh, etc

Small handle treat area(125mm*48mm)  —for thigh, arm, crus etc.



Advantages of Osano Cryolipolysis machines
1. Stable performance,Very few malfunction happend.
2. Super quality with reasonable price .High profit margin for distributors.
3. Easy to operate on the heads screen.
4. Scientific emergency switch,and temperature setting,safe but effecive.
5. Two heads can work simultaneously.
6. Three different sizes of freeze handles available for different parts of body.
7. Ergonomic human engineering shape of heads,and all kinds of graceful shells for you to choose from.
8. Sold to German,France ,Japan,all over the world .
9. Lifelong  free technical assistant .


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