Commercial Vacuum Packaging Equipment , Rice Packing Machine

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Commercial Vacuum Packaging Equipment , Rice Packing Machine

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Commercial Vacuum Packaging Equipment , Rice Packing Machine





Model LZB – 700 – R7 vacuum package equipment is designed for 500g to 2.5 kg small granule materials which is dry and flow free like rice suger grain bean ect. Packaged by premade open-mouth vacuum bag. Under 95% deep degree vacuum, products can keep long life and aromatic. This is a full automatic and multi function integrated machine to do placing bags – weighing – filling bag – shaping brick type – vacuuming – sealing bag – unloding. Speed is 800 bags one hour. Accuracy is 2/1000.





  Model LZB-700-R7
Technical Parameter Weighing range 0.5kg – 2.5kg
Speed 660bag / hour – 800bag / hour
Accuracy grade X ( 0.5 )
Electric / consumption 4N – AC 380V 50Hz 3.5KW
Air consumption 0.4MPa – 0.6MPa  7m/ h
Height 2400mm


Advantage of Vacuum Package

  • Seldom Germs can survive in vacuum environment under such high pressure without oxygen.
  • No insects breeding
  • Keep products long shelf life and fragrancy.
  • Beautiful shape , good quality, nice first impression while seen , to be sold in higher price.
  • Easily benefit for brand building.

Main Configuration


  Item Brand
Main Configuration Touch screen 10 “ Japan / Omron
Weighing controller Canada / General
PLC Japan / Omron
Switching Power Supply Japan / Omron
Solid state relay Japan / Omron
Intermediate relay Japan / Omron
Load cell USA / Celtron
Phase sequence protection relay France / Schneider
Vacuum pump Germany / BECKER
Cylinder Japan / SMC
Solenoid valve Japan / SMC
Linear Slides Taiwan / ABBA
Miniature geared motors Taiwan / ruiyong


Function and Features


  • Fully automatic vacuum packing machine.
  • New generation of high-speed weighing control mode parameter automatic correction, adaptive weighing process various materials;
  • Omron touch screen, Omron PLC centralized control, intelligent control weighing, filling, six-sided plastic,
  • Vacuum, heat sealing, unloading bags, the whole process of transportation, real-time tracking system working state, friendly interface, easy to operate;
  • imported from Japan, SMC pneumatic components, high reliability and long service life;
  •  imported from Germany, vacuum pumps, stable and reliable;
  •  different packaging specifications to replace the mold is simple, fast, without any tools;
  •  device with fault self-test function, maintenance is simple and convenient;
  •  intelligent control information presentation system;
  • Automatic Bag interface reserved. Avoid accident cause material fall everywhere on ground.

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