Bond Paper Roll Packing Machinery,Cosmetic Box Packaing Machine

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Bond Paper Roll Packing Machinery,Cosmetic Box Packaing Machine

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Bond Paper Roll Packing Machinery is suitable for shrink packaging of software,food,cosmetic,printing products,pharmacy,floor,ceramic,beverage,metal and other industries.

Working Parameter:

Max. Packing Size(L*W*H) 500*400*150mm
Max. Sealing Size(L*W) 550*450mm
Packing Speed 6-12times/min
Film Thickness 0.015-0.08mm
Power 11kw


1. Adopts anti-adhesive and temperature resistant alloy sealing cutter,sealing without coking and with clean sealing edge.

2. Sealing cutter has anti-off and automatic protection funtion,effectively preventthe misuse of packaging to ensure worker’s safety.

3. Adopts vertically movable sealing and shrink conveyor flatform,particular suitable for different height product packaging.After packing,products will be automatically conveyed and transmission time can be adjusted.

4. It is with manual and automatic conversion.When it is “AUTO”,it will work as preset data,which is controlled by cylinder,greatly reduce working intensity and improve working efficient.

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