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Bond Paper Roll Packing Machinery,Cosmetic Box Packaing Machine

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Bond Paper Roll Packing Machinery is suitable for shrink packaging of software,food,cosmetic,printing products,pharmacy,floor,ceramic,beverage,metal and other industries.

Working Parameter:

Max. Packing Size(L*W*H) 500*400*150mm
Max. Sealing Size(L*W) 550*450mm
Packing Speed 6-12times/min
Film Thickness 0.015-0.08mm
Power 11kw


1. Adopts anti-adhesive and temperature resistant alloy sealing cutter,sealing without coking and with clean sealing edge.

2. Sealing cutter has anti-off and automatic protection funtion,effectively preventthe misuse of packaging to ensure worker’s safety.

3. Adopts vertically movable sealing and shrink conveyor flatform,particular suitable for different height product packaging.After packing,products will be automatically conveyed and transmission time can be adjusted.

4. It is with manual and automatic conversion.When it is “AUTO”,it will work as preset data,which is controlled by cylinder,greatly reduce working intensity and improve working efficient.

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automatic doy bag pouch packaging machine, doypack packaging machine

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BT-520D automatic forming filling sealing machine for doy bag with zipper applicator


This is an automatic doy bag making packaging machine, widely used in the food doypack solutions.

With zipper applicator, the machine can automatically make doy bag, apply the zipper into the bag, dosage product, fill product into the doy bag, close the zipper, seal and output.

Equipped with different dosage system, the doypack machine can be used for a wide range of food like protein powder, nuts, candy, pet foods, etc.

Main technical data:

Film width: 520mm max

Bag style: stand up pouch, doy bag with and without zipper, 4 side seal bag with or without zipper

Zipper applicator: optional device

Packing speed: 35-45bags/min

Packing material: laminated films

Package range: 10-1000gram/bag

Air source: 0.6Mpa

Power supply: 220/380V, 50-60Hz

Total power: 2.5Kw

Machine weight: 750KG

Machine size: 2500x1250x2150mm

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FXA6050 Carton Sealer Carton Packaging Machine,carton sealer , case sealer , carton sealing machine

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FXA6050 Carton Sealer Carton Packaging Machine Introduction

FXA6050 Carton Sealer Carton Packaging Machine are mainly used when sealing and packaging carton either individually or as part of a production line depending on the unit required. These sealers are widely used in the fields of electrical domestic appliances, textiles, foodstuffs, general merchandise, medicine’s, chemical industry as well as numerous others.

l Quickly finish sealing& very economic & easily adjust

l Finish printing on the tape in one time

l Up& down sealing

l Smooth feeding &perfect sealing ( tidy, firm, no tearing the box)

l Ink code printer can be combined with tape head, which printing the date or batch number on the tape. Or choose to equip the ink code printer on sides. When the carton is conveyed, the date and batch number or some necessary text annotation.

FXA6050 Carton Sealer Carton Packaging Machine Options:

1). Tape printer

2). Carton printer

FXA6050 Carton Sealer Carton Packaging Machine Main Parameter

FXA6050 Carton Sealer Carton Packaging Machine
Model FXA6050
Power source AC220V/50HZ; 110V, 60HZ; 240W
Sealing capacity About 1,000 standard cases per hour
Width of the adhesive tape 36mm 48mm 60mm
Way of transmission Up and down transmission
Max.sealing size(W*H) 500×600mm
Mix.sealing size( W*H) 140×150mm
Machine size 1798×706×1377mm